You will be amazed at what we can do

You will be amazed at what we can do​​​​​​​


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Mac Plastering Team was formed in 2013.  It all started from an idea I had, after working as a passionate plasterer for 15 years, I created the company from scratch and made it what it is today.

Due to my sense of responsibility, commitment and hard work throughout the years, I gradually built trust with my clients. I took on challenges in small and large projects and thanks to my loyalty and an excellent eye for detail, I was always successful.

I have never been hungry for more as it is not the quantity of clients or jobs that have built my success. The importance is, and has always been; the quality of the work I provide, the effect I have on my clients and the customer/self-satisfaction left after completing a great project. This has always been my motivation and reward!

With so many small steps over the years, I reached the peak of my ladder and got to that point where I attracted so many important clients, I could do so little on my own!

So I decided that it was the time I start my own company.

My recruitment process was simple in theory but unexpectedly difficult in reality. I only wanted people that were interested in becoming one of the best and they were focused on delivering exactly what each individual client wanted and not treating their needs as a standard statistic. I managed to find the right people and have trained every one of them personally, injecting them with my passion and enthusiasm. Now all the individuals I originally hired, are now a strong team of hard working, premium plasterers that deliver the highest quality service and do not rest until every client is satisfied.

For me, it is important that all my employees are happy in what they do and I want to see them grow and develop. I have promoted the best of my team members to be supervisors and I trust them to take control over some projects and to assist in training new starters.
I reached a point where I thought, “I have a large, professional, first class team... Now I need to develop my company brand and name.

My first step was to create a company logo - why a pyramid? not only does it symbolise the most stable construction,  attracts positive energy. and fulfils another function in the ideology of my company “climb up to the summit”. I then became a member of where every tradesperson must be interviewed and background checked. Every registered trade is also continuously monitored by their clients and feedback can be left by all customers. The results are made public for everyone to read and benefit from. You can find all negative and positive feedback from any trade and as it is an independent company, the traders themselves have no control over what feedback is made public, so you know it can be trusted.

I am aware that we are not the only plastering company on the market, but what makes us stands out from all the others... It is the passion that we have for what we do and how we do it. It is the highest quality of the service that we deliver. It is the consistency that we provide every single time and it is the personal touch we put into every job we do.

We are self-motivated, organised, creative with an excellent eye for details! This is how we build the trust and create rapport with all the clients that work with us. We are loyal to our clients. I have been cooperating with many companies for years, one of them is TPLS Ceilings and Partitions Ltd and we have been stronger together since 2008.

Mac Plastering Team has been working on projects, large and small with a successful final.
Some of the big projects are:
*Louis Vuitton - Harrods
*Fitzroy Square - London
*74 Avenue Road, St. John’s Wood - London
*North Brook College - Worthing
*City of London Freemen’s School - Ashtead
*Gallery at 103 New Bond Street - London
*Cobham Motorway Service Area - M25

The biggest single success story was a true challenge at the project Royal Chambers, Guernsey and Royal Terrace, Channel Islands. The two buildings were over 25,000 m2!

We have also accomplished numerous complex repairs of houses, apartments and offices. We have completed more than 300,000 square meters of various construction works.