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Decided on plastering? You need a quote, and you need it quickly! When you want to get on with the job, having to wait for professionals to visit your property can be annoying. Why not use our calculator to give you an estimated cost for your plastering project in just a few minutes?

How to use the plaster coverage calculator:

Using the drop-down responses below each question, try to answer the questions as accurately as possible.

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The above calculator quotes plastering/skimming- Skimming is a plastering technique that involves applying two thin coats of plaster to walls or ceilings to create a smooth surface left ready for painting or decorating. The skim plaster is applied to an existing plaster finish or used to cover the plasterboards. The ‘perfect skimmed finish’ isn’t easy to achieve;

Mac Plastering Team has only trained professionals with years of experience in the plastering industry. We deliver the highest quality service, driven by total customer satisfaction.


• Above prices are net prices (prices excluded from VAT)

• Please note that in some areas like lofts, staircases, bulkheads, small details, and rooms above 3 meters high – the price can be higher and will be discussed before any work can happen.

Where we have provided our quotation based on square meterage (sqm), we do not deduct openings smaller than 3 sqm.

For example, if we do plastering around a window, door, entrance, etc., smaller than 3 sqm, the total size of the opening will be included within quoted square meterage.

Where the opening is more significant than this (3 sqm), the square meterage is calculated based on half of the size of the opening.

“Opening” includes windows, doors, entrance, open plan etc.

In case your surfaces need additional preparation or strengthening, please find the options below:

* Plastering over brickwork or blockwork. 

*Fiberglass Mesh installation to strengthen the weak surfaces and prevent cracks. 

*Apply deep penetration primer. Strengthens substrates, seals them, and increases adhesion of putty and adhesive mortars to the substrate.  

*Apply Grit primer to provide an improved key to smooth surfaces before plastering. 

*Other repairs -straightening of uneven surfaces, filling holes or chases. 

For all the above services we charge an additional £45/hrs and it will be discussed if necessary before work commencement.

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