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SPECIAL OFFER – SAVE UP TO 20% on internal plastering

Mac Plastering has been in business for many years and that gives us the experience to recommend the best and most cost-effective plasters and plastering techniques for each individual job. For larger jobs, we can offer an economy of scale and we also recommend machine-applied plaster.

Plaster 2 times faster

Mac Plastering is able to offer special prices on plastering, saving you up to 20% by using the latest and best plastering techniques. This is quicker, cleaner, and more cost-effective than other methods, especially for large-scale plastering projects.

Machine-applied plastering saves money

Machine-applied plastering is more efficient when compared with hand-applied plastering methods. Greater efficiency means cost savings for you.

Saves time and money on site – “it’s about time”

NOTE: We spray: Internal rendering, Lime render, Lime plaster, Thermal render, British Gypsum Thistle Universal OneCoat, Thistle Hardwall, and Knauf plasters.All our machine-applied plasters meet British standards.


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Your plastering project will be completed more quickly, meaning the team of plasterers is on site for a shorter period. Mac Plastering’s special offer passes on the cost savings to you, the customer.

A cleaner site

Machine application of plaster means fewer spills and a cleaner working environment than traditional plastering by hand.

Not only is there less mess, there’s less time spent cleaning up at the end of the job. Another cost efficiency that benefits our customers.

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