You will be amazed at what we can do

You will be amazed at what we can do​​​​​​​


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Do you want to be one of the best plasters in London?

Sign up for this training with the Mac Plastering Team, and we'll give you the chance to be one of the best!

In line with the growing demand on the market for high-quality plasters, we decided to open a training course for those who would like to specialise in this field.

The training was designed to cover all aspects of internal plastering.

For those of you who see potential and passion for plastering, we offer a permanent job at our company, where your salary can range between £ 140- £ 250 per day.
We have already given the opportunity to many people who, without the experience, have begun their adventure with our team and have been successfully representing our company.

The course includes:

The first two days will be held in a training studio and will cover:

-Types of tools available on the market and what material to use and when,
-Type of surfaces that are suitable for plastering
-Techniques of applying angle bids, taping and jointing
-Techniques of applying Multi-Finish to walls and ceiling
-Under the supervision, you will be able to try all the techniques that we touch you and we will correct your movements and teach you the proper postures when plastering.

In the next stage, you will be assigned to the building site, where under the supervision of our best professionals you will do what you have learned so far. This way, you will know the real situations you face each day at work. We will also teach you how to:

-Prepare the surface before plastering
-Plastering large areas
-Plaster around windows and corners
-Teamwork and measurement.

The extra benefit of the course is, that you can stay with us as long as you feel confident at no extra charge. It is always good to gain more knowledge and skills and there is always space for improvement in this field

This course is a great opportunity for those without basic knowledge as well as for those who would like to learn to see how successful we are.

To book a deadline or if you want to know more, call or email us.

Your future depends on your skills.

We look forward hearing from you

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